Conference History

CEAC 2024-Seoul on March 14-17, 2024

2024 4th International Civil Engineering and Architecture Conference (CEAC 2024) was successfully held in Seoul, South Korea during March 14-17, 2024! It's hybrid event, combining both online and onsite. The technical prograrm consists of 3 invited talks, 1 best paper competition, 1 best student paper competition, and 7 oral sessions. Presenters from over 15 countries and areas gathered in Seoul as well as online platform. Participants had in-depth communication on relevant topics during the 4-day event. Thank you for everyone's support and participation. Special thanks extended to all the speakers, every individual and committee members for their contribution to make the conference a success.

Conference Photos

Group Photo in Seoul

Group Photo (Online)


Left: Kyoung Sun Moon, Associate Professor, Yale University, USA
Middle: C. W. Lim, City University of Hong Kong, China
Right: Sunghwan Kim, Iowa State University, USA

Best Presentations (Onsite)



Best Paper Award Best Reviewer Award

Best Reviewers

☆ Chung-Hao Wu, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
☆ Jun-Yang Shi, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
☆ Sopokhem Lim, Waseda University , Japan
☆ Grit Ngowtanasuwan, Mahasarakham University, Thailand
☆ Khang Nguyen-Tran, Shimane University, Japan

Best Paper

☆ Author: Junho Chun
Presenter: Junho Chun, Syracuse University, USA
Paper Title: Applications of Structural Reliability Methods in Deformation and Buckling Analysis of Structures

Best Student Paper

☆ Authors: Mengxuan Ye, Zhiping Zeng, Peicheng Li, and Roman Wan-Wendner
Presenter: Mengxuan Ye, Central South University, Chin
Paper Title: Research on Temperature and Humidity Cracks in Early Age of Track Slab of Double-block Ballastless Track Structure

Best Oral Presentations

【Onsite Session 1: Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Reliability Assessmentl Comfort】
☆ Presenter: Franz D. Santos, University of the Philippines, Philippines
Authors: Charena Baluyot, Jefta Jade Calamiong, Yunika Aloha Cruz, Erica Pedimonte, John Luis Sebastian and Franz D. Santos
Paper Title: Contribution of Runoffs to Declining Water Quality of Urban Lakes: Status and Management Approaches
【Onsite Session 2: Civil Engineering and Construction Management】
☆ Presenter: Serter Atabay, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Authors: Alzarooni E. M., Sarisen D., Atabay S., Mortula Md. M., Ali T, Farmani R. and Sharifi S.
Paper Title: Evaluation of Water Losses in Distribution Networks with Field Survey: A Case Study in Sharjah, UAE
【Onsite Session 3: Architectural Design and Building Environment】
☆ Presenter: Vesna Zegarac Leskovar, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Authors: Maja Les nik Nedelko, Iva Lukic and Vesna Z egarac Leskova
Paper Title: Development of Timber-glass Double-Skin Façade Element: Architectural and Environmental Design Perspective
【Online Session A: Structural Mechanics and Seismic Performance】
☆ Presenter: Jun-Yang Shi, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Authors: Jun-Yang Shi and Yo-Xin Chang
Paper Title: Generation of Simplified Models by An Adaptive Finite-unit Method for Simulating Square Foundations in Layered Half-space Undergoing Torsional Vibrations
【Online Session B: Urban Planning and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering】
☆ Presenter: Reynaldo Jr Parajes Sahagun, Mapua University, Philippines
Authors: Reynaldo P. Sahagun Jr., Dante L. Silva, Russell L. Diona, Jay T. Cabuñas and Kevin Lawrence M. de Jesus
Paper Title: Model for Forecasting Rural Travel Demand using Feed Forward – backpropagation Neural Network and Minimized Akaike Information Criterion Algorithm
【Online Session C: Building Environment and Human Comfort】
☆ Presenter: Zhenguo Zhang, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China
Authors: Zheng Liu, Na Huang and Zhenguo Zhang
Paper Title: Indoor Architectural Environment Quality Perception and Differentiation Analysis using Computer Vision Simulation
【Online Session D: Building Materials and Construction Management】
☆ Presenter: Xiushu Qu, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, China
Authors: Xiushu Qu
Paper Title: Research on Seismic Performance of New CFST Column-H Shaped Steel Beam Assembly Joint